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WM Invests US$825 Million Toward 100% RNG-Fueled Natural Gas Fleet

June 24, 2022 |

via ESG Review, read whole article here

WM’s Renewable Energy Investments Expected To Power More Than 1 Million Homes By 2026, Anticipated To Increase WM’s RNG Production By 600%

WM, formerly known as Waste Management, made the long-anticipated announcement that the renewable natural gas (RNG) industry has been waiting for. WM is investing US$825 million between 2022 and 2025 to expand its RNG infrastructure with the goal of outfitting its entire natural gas fleet with RNG by 2026. Investments include RNG production plants, landfill gas-to-electricity plants, and other projects that WM estimates will power 1 million homes across North America. It’s worth mentioning that the news accelerates the timetable of earlier goals by WM, one of which called for fueling 50% of its natural gas fleet with RNG by 2025. read whole article here

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