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WM jobs come in all shapes and sizes. From our front line drivers and sorters, to our customer service and billing folks, each NCN employee is dedicated to serving our community.

Heavy Machine Operator 2024:: Discover Who's Raising the Bar for Solid Waste Handling

Landfills are an essential part of the waste cycle. Burying trash is a complex job and to have it done right, managers depend on their best heavy machine operators to do it sustainably and with safety in mind.

From Truck Driving to Thriving Career : How Mirla Hernandez Found Recognition on The Road

Creating a positive impact has nothing to do with job titles. As a driver, Mirla’s attention to detail and genuine interest in improving processes are foundational to WM’s mission of managing waste sustainably.

Heroes on Wheels: Drivers Frank Carrillo and Chris Morello Battle Flames to Save a Home

In the quiet town of Twain Harte, Calif., an ordinary morning took a turn as blazes erupted within the confines of a residential house. Two WM drivers emerged to prevent what could have turned into a major incident.

Solid Waste Processing: Overcoming Winter’s Challenges with Rogelio Salas-Hernandez

Amid the second snowiest winter recorded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the past 77 years, a dedicated small-equipment operator played a crucial role in averting service disruption at the Eco Center in Reno, Nevada.

The Impact of a Single Man: Abelino Castro-Alvarez's 28-Year Route Inspiring Others

Abelino needs no prompting to perform at his best. He approaches each workday with the determination and energy of a new hire, even after decades of working for WM.

Tino Ruiz-Najera: A Champion for Safety First

Since 1996, Tino Ruiz-Najera has worked diligently to ensure that WM's wheels and gears continue turning. Despite his many years with the company, his passion for creating a safe working environment remains unmatched.

Doing the Right Thing: Even If Nobody's Watching

For 45 years, heavy equipment operator Peter Ratto has led by example. Awarded WM’s National Operator of the Year, his dedication and impeccable track record has left a lasting impact on our workforce and the company's mission toward a greener future.

Climbing the Ladder: Kyle Weber's Unexpected 34-Year-Long Career at WM

With a humble beginning, Weber's unwavering dedication forged a path to a successful journey within the waste industry. From a novice laborer to District Manager, his remarkable rise exemplifies the transformative power of hard work.

Steering Change: Antionette Flood’s Remarkable Rise Behind The Wheel

While the waste industry has traditionally been male-dominant, Flood and other women are on a journey to increase representation and make a powerful local impact.

Forty-Three Years of Growth: Pamela Sims’ Legacy at WM

Pamela joined WM at a time when the company was on the verge of becoming the world's leading waste disposal service provider. Fast forward four decades, she looks back on her journey and the pivotal advice from her father that shaped her career path.

Breaking Barriers: Lily Nguyen’s Journey to Success at WM

Born and raised in Oakland, commercial organics driver Lily Nguyen is transforming her reality and her community’s landscape in her role at WM.

Essential Worker: Juan Medina’s Flawless Path to Driver of the Year

Medina's impeccable track record as a roll-off driver for Monterey County gained him notoriety among his peers and recognition as WM's Driver of the Year.

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Certified Construction & Demolition Recycling

Certified Construction & Demolition Recycling

Davis Street is the first and currently the only 3rd party certified mixed C&D debris recycling facility in Alameda County, with diversion rates recognized by San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and the U.S. Green Building Council LEED™ rating...

Renewable Energy at Altamont

Renewable Energy at Altamont

One of the industry’s first renewable landfill gas to energy plants was built at the Altamont Landfill in 1987. Today, the facility generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of 8,000 homes annually as well the daily operation of the Altamont’s acclaimed...