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Carpet Recycling at Davis Street

More than 300 million pounds of carpet are buried in California landfills every year, where it stays for centuries without breaking down. But there is a better way: recycling. Recycling carpet saves natural resources, conserves landfill space, and reduces dependency on fossil fuels.

Old carpet can be recycled and made into useful new products, like building materials, auto parts, new carpet and carpet padding. In 2010 California passed a Carpet Stewardship law to increase carpet recycling. Since then over 100 million pounds of carpet have been diverted from our landfills and recycled. By working together, we can do more!

This program is supported by Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). CARE works to create market-based solutions to increase carpet recycling and divert carpet from landfill.

CARE - California Carpet Stewardship Program

How to Recycle Carpet at Davis Street Transfer Station

Follow these simple steps to prepare carpet for recycling:

Step 1: Keep it dry

Step 2: Keep it debris free

  • Remove tack strips, nails, trash and dirt.

Step 3: Prepare the carpet

  • Cut carpet into manageable sections
  • Separate carpet from pad
  • Roll carpet
  • Roll, stack or fold carpet pad
  • Stack, wrap, and strap carpet tile on a pallet; no more than 4’ high

Step 4: Bring prepared carpet to Davis Street Transfer Station

Step 5: Save money

  • Ask your facility about the reduced rate for recycling carpet.

workers loading rolls of carpet onto a truck for recycling

Download a Carpet Recycling Tip Sheet

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